(NOTE reports currently being reviewed and will be made available) 

The Facebook Page is updated regularly TAMHI Facebook Page  

Up Coming Events 

TeamWorld Mental Health Week Football Tournament May 2018

Planned for next year's School in the Community project. lots ideas and
plans put in place. 

We started the ball rolling with our placement Jason Fox to get our new
Footgolf 4 Wellbeing Blocks.

December 2017

19 December

Today TAMHI facilitated a workshop with Year 9 Trinity college
pupils around planning a 6 week wellbeing programme for 200 young people in
their year group.

Lots of ideas to get out teeth into in the New Year

Very excited by 2018

17 December

Great early Sunday morning down at new Better Gym in City Centre .. WOW
A massive thank you to St Paul's GAC for hosting.

A spirit of Xmas fit day and raising £150 for Tamhi.

15 December

Sport Awareness Day

Massive well done to Bobby, Steven & the rest of the upper sixth St Malachy’s Sports Science team who showed they can really handle pressure by pulling off a brilliant 5 Sports & Positive Mental Health day long event today with Joe & the guys at TAMHI.

The event itself was a fundraiser for Tamhi( Talking About Mental Health Issues) and Disability Sport NI with all proceeds going to those social enterprises. The event will be broadcasted from Belfast Live and Cool FM with special guest MPs, and professional boxers Paddy Barnes and James Tennyson in attendance.

8 December

New flyer produced 


1 December 

A big thank you to Beann mhadaghain Football
club for the fundraising.

Seniors with representatives from Tamhi and Lighthouse following the tremendous fundraising efforts for two
much needed charities #itsOknottobeOK

November 2017

28 November

New Lodge
Schools Cluster 
Some of our P4 pupils having a blast as they take
part in the TAKE 5 programme with Friends of St Patrick
Terrific work, look at their smiles!! 👏👏👏👏

Check out our schools in the community video 


27 November

Joe out and about going on radio live with Cool FM and Downtown radio (which
has an audience off 612000 listeners every week) raising
awareness about Mental Health.

link below to website



20 November

on new resources for a Clear Project (PHA) project. We have a draft Take 5
Toolkit complete.


Concluded phase one of our RAY schools in the community program with 18
young leaders completing ILM level 2 youth leader ship well done guys.

October 2017

20 October

Building a united community TAHMI St pats Shankill, Shankill juniors
completed a week-long program with 61 kids benefiting this program promoted
mental health and community relations. 

Helped Brenden at Gain Forth Gym
put a plan in place and connect with a few groups; some great ambitions to
support local wellbeing in Greater Shankill and
West Belfast.

Had great meeting with Springvale learning, about #teamtamhi,
digital media and design students are going help create club specific resources
as part of the Mental Health Toolkit.

I have drafted the first stage plan for a potentially amazing
community project in Mayfield Village which TAMHI has a key role to play.

It was great to catch up with Brian from 22nd Old Boys FC (and Ladies) and hear about a future project again Tamhi has a key role in.
8 October

World mental Health Day at Girdwood #getbelfastactive #itsoktotalk

Ambassador Belfast Dark Knight turned up to show his support, he was also able to get a picture of his hero Joe.

131 young people engaged today in a positive event to celebrate Take 5 for Wellbeing and positive mental health.

4 October

Nice to see when Prince William visits Northern Ireland even he could not resist checking out Tamhi’s
tool kit.


September 2017

Footgolf 4 Wellbeing with a twist with St Paul's GAC

27 September

Recorded interview with Tara McLaughlin from Cool FM interviewed Joe Donnelly TAMHI and Stephen Paul SAMHI about our
experience of mental health in socially deprived communities.

Really good to chat through our views
and challenges and raise awareness of our work.

(3345 people reached through Facebook)


23 September

Outstanding work from Shamrock FC guys, with Tamhi created this project which we think
really will bring Take 5 to life.

22 September

Belfast News write up regarding local mental health summit with footballers and clubs.


10 September

Celebrating world suicide prevention day in Girdwood



 August 2017

August was all about the summer intervention with lots of posituve Footgolf 4 Wellbeing delivered and a number of the young leaders receiving  training. 

July 2017

Young people from RAY programme designed and delivered a number of interventions aimed at promoting good news at girdwood and Take 5 for wellbeing. 

June 2017

The Resilient Active Youth programme really kicked off with young people delivering Footgolf for wellbeing and also Clarke Carlise (ex EPL player) came to share his story of struggling with depression 

May 2017 

Action packed with a talk delivered in PwC and the launch and delivery of a campaign that reached over 500 people #itsok2ask4help in the New Lodge area.

March 2017

Emotional Resilience Day & Football 4 Health & Girdwoods Birthday Football Festivals 


TAMHI was delighted to support 3 Football Awareness Programmes in March 2017.

Day of Emotional Resilience and Anmti Bullying.docx

Football 4 Health.docx

Girdwood Birthday.docx

February 2017 

Mental Wealth Games St Malachys College and BRA  

A successful pilot was rolled out to 510 young people.  See report 

Ray Clear Report (1).docx

January 2017 

Dry January - Skint, Sober Fit 

TAMHI delivered a drugs and alcohol programme in North Belfast which was great success - see the report. 

Extern Report.docx

December 2016 

#itsok2ask4help - North Belfast Lottery 

As part of the New Lodge/North Belfast Big Lottery project (St Patricks FC in the lead) St Malachys Old Boys held a Talk About Mental Health Issues Tournament for kids and TAMHI was delighted to give out information and prices and promote the message #itsok2ask4help - what an amazing forward thinking club; it serves young people but accepts that its about reaching out to parents and guardians and siblings and even coaches and volunteers.  Great event.

#itsok2ask4help Shankill & West Belfast 

As part of the NIE supported #itsok2ask4help campaign TAMHI has been working with clubs across North and West Belfast to raise awareness - thanks to this funding over 1000s key rings are in circulation; 800 wristbands to kids in North & West Belfast and banners have been located in the Shankill main playing areas.  Feedback so far is great and TAMHI is confident that more resources can be put into other clubs.  The wristbands have been a great hit with kids - club colours.

 November 2016

Resilient Active Youth: Mental Wealth Games Programme 


Resilient Active Youth Pilot is a short term programme supported by the Clear Project - combines Street Games, Fight For Peace and Mental Wealth Games to make an impact on young peoples Resilience.  Working with 32 young people in St Malachys College, Mayfield Youth, New Lodge Youth, St Patricks College and Y.E.I.L.D project West Belfast.  Very simple training kids up to train their peers in Mental Wealth Games.  This specific project concludes in February 2017; Feedback is really positive to date with young people enjoying the games and stating they want to learn through play rather than a classroom. 

However TAMHI has started to work on a bigger programme with a part time coordinator appointed and starting in January 2017.  15 young people will take the lead in rolling out a larger scale programme in the North Belfast with information sharing to other groups.  

October 2016 

Day of Wellbeing 9th October 2016                                                             

THANK YOU to every single person who came to the Day of Wellbeing to mark World Mental Health dayOver 400 people were in attendance between the football; run and hallThanks to all the clubsTo all my good friends in the mental health charitiesTo Belfast City Council/Strategic PartnershipI had an amazing day and I hope you all didTAMHI does all this in hope of helping that 1 person who may just need a day like this to get some information and open upDay concluded in TAMHI V SAMHI - cracking match played in great spiritThanks to everyone that made the day so special


October 2016 

Boxing 4 Wellbeing 

7th June 2016; in support of World Mental Healthy Day TAMHI as part of Boxing 4 Well-being delivered a great awareness event with support from Belfast City Council.  This is the 2nd year of the year of the event and it was great to see charities from across North & West Belfast join in and support this amazing event; 30 young warriors to the ring with support from 222 spectators and thanks to Belfast City Council and Belfast Strategic Partnership we gave out 100 mental health information packs.    

September 2016 


Inspired by the #itsok2talk campiagn from Andys Mans Club in UK - TAMHI used its connection with local clubs to encourage the campaign to reach a local level in Belfast and beyound;  as part of our drive inspired by Berlin Swifts FC manager Jonathan McClelland over 3000s key rings have went to  clubs across NI from Belfast to Enniskillen.

August  2016

Boots instead of Bonfires / New Lodge Festival                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


TAMHI supported a number of projects over the August festival and in particular the bonfire period;  TAMHI supported St Patricks FC programme Boots instead of Bonfire - in particular the element were we trained up young leaders to deliver the Mental Wealth Game Choices to young people/their peers to educate them about Good and Bad Choices and the impact they have on well-being.  Also with Comic Relief/Community Foundation Funding TAMHI delivered a number of POP up mental wealth games programmes for young people; fun and engaging and educational.

July  2016 

Budget Energy Champions of Wellbeing 

Over 192 young people; 32 coaches; 16 teams took part in this event supported by Budget Energy to promote the Take 5 for Wellbeing Message.  Embracing Take 5 is proven to help people live up to 7 years longer and have better mental health; this great hook and message approach was made possible by the amazing people in Budget Energy. 

June 2016

Street League Programme 

Great to be involved in supporting the Street League programme with young adults in sheltered accommodation and Billy Whylie from Waterworks sport; we helped the programme gte up and running with some coaching and some equipment resources and TAMHI has provided paperwork to help the group set up formally.  Mental Wealth Games delivered, and feedback about positive impact on mental health noted. 

June 2016 

Fight for Peace 

TAMHI is delighted to be part of Fight for Peace and the Alumni programme - what an amazing opportunity 

April 2016 

St Patricks College Take 5 for Wellbeing

Amazing fun programme delivered in St Patricks College Belfast; talking to young people about mental health and issues and challemges they face.  Active Mental Health sessions combined with informal talks and chats.  Excellent Pilot programme that can be replicated. 

Cubb Cub (March 2016)

Sadly a club TAMHI has only started to engage with has a lost a player and TAMHI helped with a dedicated competition in the players memory, providing support resources.  8 teams took part from across Belfast. 

Girdwood opening (March 2016)

As a member of the forum it was great to be involved in the opening of the Girdwood building.  The biggest thing that gets people down in the TAMHI core community is the area itself; this facility can help challenge that. 

#Talk 2 me Campaign (Feb 2016)

A facebook campaiogn supported by local NI sports clubs and sports professionals - at its peak 48,000 people were engaged in the campaign which raised awareness of all teh great mental health services. 

St Patrick's College Take 5 /Clear Prpgramme (Feb 2016)

Part of a programme support by Clear Project; TAMHOIworked with year 12 pupils around how to live Take 5 and design  the resourse so it meant something to them. Over 600 pupils got this resource. 

Run 4 Wellbeing (Jan 2016)

152 people and local mental health charities Aware, Lighthouse, PIPS, Contact and FASA all had a fun filled race with supporters running a lap in memory of lost loved ones.  Great success

Flex Winter Programme (Dec)

Supported Flex Community Fitness with a great Womens Wellbeing programme; often TAMHI has been focused on males but 

Street Games (Nov) 

The best programme TAMHI has been involved in - read report here:TAMHI _Street Games_Pilot Evaluation_FINAL REPORT (Feb 2016) NLY.pdf

October Games (October)

Positive programme supported by Belfast City Council were we taught kids about mental health through play.  In total 197 young people took part and the learning has helped TAMHI develop Active Mental Health into a course. 

TAMHI supports New Lodge Intervention Programme (aug 2014)

 Amazing day down in North Queen Street MUGA 15th August 2015 with young people aged 13-16 having fun playing football but also learning what their views are about the area and what more they want to see to promote positive mental wellbeing in the community.   The young lads all felt football was great way to engage them in talking about mental wellbeing and giving them a voice. 

TAMHI supports St Patricks FC Football 4 Health Wellbeing project (Aug 2015)


The focus of this project was promoting the Take 5 for wellbeing message through football; Give; as in the volunteers giving up their time, kids helping other kids through Peer support; Be Active; through all the activity; Keep Learning; about how to play football but also life skills and educational programmes and talks to delivered to coaches and kids and parents; Connect; building positive relationships and raising awareness of the support the club can help the football family access and Take Notice; of all the positives in communities like clubs and youth led organisations rather than the negative.  TAMHI was the mental health partner; with 22 coaches educated; 180 kids receiving and feeding back they understand mental health information; 51 additional kids reached through the outreach programme as above - real special programme to be involved in; looking forward to the celebration event at end of August. 

 dTAMHIelivers Positive Mental Health Fun Day in New Lodge Park (Aug 2015)

45 young people took part in the programme and on completion - 40 of them knew what mental health was and were able to successfuly complete a Myths and Facts questionnaire based on the games we played.  This was delivered as part of the New Lodge Festival.  Great success and feedback; learning point is start at age 8/9 kids under that did not comprehend mental wellbeing. 6th August 2015

TAMHI Supports Boxing for Wellbeing (Aug 2015)

TAMHI provided some support to an amazing project to highlight Mental Health in Boxing.  Credit has to go to Cubb McCullough from Gleann ABC and Liam Corr from Star ABC (Change Maker club for such and amazing event.  North V West Belfast the two hardest hit areas affected by suicide and mental ill health; cross community and really in the lead up and after match raising awareness of mental wellbeing with support from Paddy Barnes and Caral Frampton.  It was an honour to be involved in this great event.  Will be helping out with the evaluation.  6th August 2015

TAMHI supports Positive Wellbeing Female Netball Programme (Aug 2015)

As part of the New Lodge Festival TAMHI organised a female netball programme focused on young girls wellbeing; for years the vast majority of them have felt exculded from activity with only 17% of primary school females involved in any after schools activity.  TAMHI delivered this pilot and  learnt a lot in terms of how to better serve young girls in relation to activity provision and how to expand on this to ensure they feel included - great project and great learning about what affects young females these days.  In total over the duration of 3 days 21 young females took part.   3rd -7th August 2015

TAMHI Club Willowbank FC promote mental health (July 2015)

Great write up about a great club TAMHI is working with in West Belfast; TAMHI helped this group pull together a plan to promote well-being in all their summer programmes and this was a great success - note the middle picture TAMHI customised resources distributed.  Feedback all positive in terms of style and engagement with information and over 150 young people have received information as part of this great project and feedback shows that they understand the information. 

TAMHI supports core community to access better facilities (June 2015)

Within TAMHI core community the biggest thing that got young people down was the "Living Environment" within the New Lodge; were it was a built up area with little green space or play facilities.  TAMHI manager Joe Donnelly along with Ashton Community Trust, New Lodge Youth, North Queen Street Residents worked hard to have a new £110,000 facility installed to help improved the sport/activity facilities for young people in the area.  This MUGA will be the vocal point of activity and wellbeing for the community - well done all; massive achievement.

TAMHI Community Outreach: Clanmill/Habourview  (June 2015) 

TAMHI is delighted to be be supporting Clanmill Housing Haborview complex.  TAMHI is helping the guys plan and deliver a wellbeing project for the residents who are to coin a term "Urbanely Isolated" and have no provsion for young people or wellbeing.  Lots of great work going on to put put this right.  The TAMHI flyers are located in various notice boards throughout the building. 

5th Anniversary Tucker & Titch Cup (June 2015)


120 males took part in the 5th Tucker & Titch Cup a memorial tournament set up to honour the memory of Thomas Mclaughlin and Sean Paul Hardy who lost their lives in 2009.  This was focused on raising awareness of mental health and suicide and the feedback from all 12 teams involved was outstanding.  Thanks to this tournament £700 was raised which will go a long way to helping TAMHI. 

TAMHI: Communities United Through Sport For Mental Health (May 2015)


200 young people, 20 teams representing 15 clubs took part in Communities United Through Sport for mental Health.  The Department of Culture Arts and Leisure Minister attended and showed her support.    Great way to raise awareness and launch the Take 5/A Sport Resource that all the teams loved and wanted to get more from.  Big thanks to Sport NI, Belfast Child, Street Games and Coca Cola who all support the event; check out the report 

Communities United Report.pdf

TAMHI delivers Training in Marrowbone Community (Apr 2015)


17 young people and 1 youth leader took part in a TAMHI Talk About Mental Health Programme.  We talked about the role Young People could play in deliver sport/activity services when the community get access to new facilities #positivementalhealth 

TAMHI supports Easter Boxing in New Lodge Park (Apr 2015)


20 young people over the 8th & 9th of April took part in the Easter Boxing Belfast Camp - TAMHI supported this by giving out information to Young People on the day and talking to them about positive mental health and the benefits of sport.  Young People loved the event and were keen for more similar ones in the future.

TAMHI supports New Lodge Youth Spring Festival (March 2015)

Over 3000 people attended the Spring Awaking Festival with 200 young people taking part in the Active Learning Mental Fitness Challenge during the duration of the day TAMHI coaches Mickey Meehan and Patrick Downey took the young people through their paces and distributed information to 200+ kids - big Well Done 

TAMHI brings groups together to discuss Street Games (March 2015)

2nd March 2015 Joe Donnelly head of TAMHI invited John Downes Network Manager from Street Games UK over to Belfast to meet a wide range of youth service providers and sports Governing Bodies who are interested in promoting the concept of Doorstep sports, which entails brining sport to the streets for young people especially for the day.  The purpose of this meeting was to showcase theimpact Street Games can have on tackling issues that impact on mental wellbeing.

John Said " thanks to Joe we have made a few connections, we are fully committed to supporting the New Lodge Youth Club and TAMHI to effectively deliver street games in Belfast - with a focus on getting young people active, developing volunteers and promoting positive mental health"

TAMHI launches New Lodge Sport & Wellbeing Plan in Core Community (Feb 2015)

TAMHI launched the New Lodge Sport & Wellbeing Plan Feb 2015.  This plan is designed to tackle the issues that have a negative impact on mental health and to support clubs/community groups that faciliate sport and activity to do more around promoting positive mental health.  The plan was designed with input from; Sport NI, sported, Belfast City Council - Key Community Groups; Ashton Community Group, New Lodge Youth, Artillery Youth, Star Youth, Lighthouse, St Patricks PS - Clubs: St Pats FC, Pearses GAC, Star ABC, Holy Family ABC, Kronk ABC, St Pats YM - as the whole community is committed to doing its part in relation to mental health.

Copy of the plan: New Lodge Sport & Wellbeing Plan 2014-2017 created by TAMHI.pdf


TAMHI delivers Mental Health Pilot in Shankill Community (Jan 2015)

TAMHI would like to thank Woodvale Cricket Club, 22nd Old Boys FC, 2nd Old Boys FC and Westland Young Men FC for attending and helping TAMHI faciliate the first pilot Mental Health in Sport Programme.  The programme was designed by TAMHI and the sported changemakers clubs who all influnced its design and structure.  Overall the feedback was really positive

"Last night myself and Dee culbert attended the TAMHI mental health awareness presentation on behalf of the club along with another couple of local clubs we were very privileged to be a part of the opportunity as it was the first of its kind in this particular area having said that the presentation itself made us realise how naive and uneducated we were about the awareness off mental health and how serious it can be so thanks to the information we got from The meeting and also the other clubs and how they act on being aware we are goin to act towards raising awareness among then commitee and management so players can be accommodated should they have any issues , Thanks again to Joe for putting on the presentation and spending the time to talk to us and also the other teams who attended we learnt a lot from use also and will take it on board to do what we can to use the information for our club . WYMFC

"super night mate - thanks for coming; we all learnt something" - 22nd OB FC 

Patrick Pearses GAC promote Positive Mental Health (Jan 2015)

TAMHI through changemakers has been working with Vice Chairman Martin Hill.  Pearces GAC are a New Lodge based GAA club with a rich history.  The GAA off season is the winter Period and in January the guys dedicated a day to raising awareness of mental health.  The club have big plans for 2015 to capitalise on the success  of the 2014 season were the seniors won their respective league and gained promotion.  On this day over 200 information booklets were distributed.  TAMHI had presented to a number of coaching staff before this event so that they knew how to explain the resources.  Well done Pearses GAC - great club with a great forward thinking mentality.

Social Media: Thanks to Twitter TAMHI engaged with Mind Your Mind Canada and did a blog for them (Dec 2014):


TAMHI Founder Meets Arsenal & England Legend Tony Adams (Nov 2014)

TAMHI founder Joe Donnelly had the pleaser of meeting Tony Adams and Sporting Chance Director Colin Bland.  TAMHI sought some advise from Colin about the challenges that Sporting Chance had to overcome, and also the reception to their training programmes.  These guys utilise ex players - vital in terms of engagement.  TAMHI champions that the distribution of the message is vital; coaches and those involved in sport can relate better to people from a similar background - this connection breaks downs barriers.

Joe was in awe of Tony, but managed to have a brief chat about using the power of sport to challenge behaviours and to tackle social issues.  Respect must be given to both Colin and Tony for giving TAMHI founder a bit of time, and a priceless experience.  Note that the Tucker kit for the annual memorial tournament is based on Arsenal style kit - to to meet an Arsenal legend was that extra bit special. 

TAMHI: Goes West (Oct 2014)

TAMHI through links with sported supported two very forward thinking clubs in having resources to raise awareness of mental health in both Derry/Londonderry and Strabane.  The Groups are now in the process of applying to take part in CLEAR training in regards to mental health as well as ensuring a member of the club is trained in mental health first aid.

 Danny Gallagher from Sion Swifts said "thank you very much for taking the time to send us the information, everyone that I show it to is very impressed and I would really like to promote Mental Health issues within the Club and wider community as it affects us all

Facebook Campaign: Mental Health Awareness Week (Oct 2014) 

TAMHI founder Joe Donnelly lost a love one during the Mental Health Awareness Week - his stepfather; During this period TAMHI would have have come to a standstill if it were not for the support of a new friend that founder Joe Donnelly established thanks to the work of TAMHI.

Eamonn Magill; pulled in a few contacts in the Belfast Boxing and Football Community that he knew and they all supported the Talk About Mental Health Campaign on Facebook - with 1187 people reached during this period.

Change Makers QTR 1: Update (Sept 2014)

TAMHI flagship programme funded by sported, aimed at raising awareness of mental health and using the power of sport to tackle issues that lead to poor mental health is taking shape and starting to produce results.


Facebook Campaign: Talk About Mental Health Issues (Sept 2014) 

After the Communities United for Mental Health a number of clubs asked for club specific resources and TAMHI put a call out on facebook to ask did any others want to be part of this - 17 groups took up the offer based on the surveys returned over 1500 people will get this information.

Talk About Mental Health Issues Campaign Report

Communities United for Mental Health (17th Aug 2014)

Thanks to investment from Belfast City Council and a contribution from sported through St Patricks FC Change Maker Sean Paul Mc Bride - 69 young people from North and West Belfast from both the main NI communities took part in a cross community tournament to raise awareness of Mental Health and the fact that Issues that affect mental health DO NOT Discriminate. 

Communities United for Mental Health Report

TAMHI Supports: Waterworks Sport Belfast Diverse Programme (11th Aug 2014)

Young People from both the main NI Communities took part in a cross community project designed to build good relations funded by Belfast City Council.    As part of the project the issues that affect mental health were discussed with the young people and TAMHI provided the resources for young people to take away that gave advise and guidance about looking after their mental health. 

"Billy Whylie said - thanks to TAMHI I was able to give out some meaningful and valuable information; the information provided is easy to read and understand and presented in an attractive and stimulating format"

TAMHI Supports Star ABC Men's Health Programme (23rd July 2014)

Thanks to investment from sported TAMHI teamed up with Star ABC to deliver a talk about Mental Health as part of Star ABC pilot Men's Health Programme.  The focus of this project was to promote the benefits of being physically healthy and mentally healthy. 

Playing for Life: Talk About Mental Health Issues Campaign Launched  (7th June 2014).

Thanks to investment from sported TAMHI and the Lighthouse FC/Belfast Suicide Awareness Fc Change Maker planned a Football Tournament to raise awareness of Mental Health among adult males with 96 attendees and 77 being in the sported target group of 18-25.                                                       

"Great Day at the Talk About Mental Health Issues Tournament - Great to win and a great way to send out a powerful message"  Seamus Fitzsimons; Short Strand (winning team caption)"
Read the results of the Survey herePlaying for life dashboard.docx
TAMHI Founder "Harlem Shakes for Mental Health" 
Harlem Shake for Mental Health
Joe Donnelly in partnership with Lighthouse designed and delivered the Harlem Shake for Mental Health a creative and innovative way to get a powerful message of hope out to the public by taking something relevant and adding a message - Note Dance is a Sport ;) .  This has been viewed over 800 times.  Groups representing various sports and music all took part. 

Minding your Head 

The best video about to promote mental health.   The message is simple, if you have something on your mind; Talk About It.  In a sport club you will have friends and sometimes just sharing what is on your mind can be a great way to clear you head.

The Boxer - Minding Your Head


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