Mental Health Toolkit Consultation 

TAMHI has had the great pleasure of working with clubs across the Shankill and Lower West Belfast as well as clubs in the North Belfast area where TAMHI is based.

A project that we have undertaken based on engagement with clubs and their members has involved the creation a Mental Health Toolkit.

In the Shankill area SAMHI (Suicide Awareness Mental Health Initiative) came up with a simple toolkit over a booklet; that clubs could take and it would provide a GUIDE to what clubs can do around mental health and what that would look like.

This toolkit has inspired clubs in West Belfast to follow suit.  The key is that clubs are WORKING TOGETHER to raise awareness within their respective areas. 

This is the first draft of the West Belfast one - Groups would add their own pictures and graphics to make it relevant to them:

Consultation Questions 

Please review and IF you wish to feedback please e-mail the answers to: 

Closing Date for responses: Friday 16th December 2016 

1. Out of 5 (1 being the lowest - 5 highest) how do you rate the style of the resources?

2. Please give a reason for your answer

3. Out of 5 (1 being the lowest - 5 highest) how do you rate the content of the resources?

4. Please give a reason for your answer?

5. Is there anything you would change/like to see included?

6. Have you any concerns/comments you would like to make about the resourses?


My Club & Mental Health Toolkit draft west.pdf

1 My Club and Depression.pdf

2 My club & Bi Polar.pdf

3 My Club & Stress.pdf

5 My Club and Suicide Awareness.pdf

6 My Club & Gambling.pdf

7 My club and positive mental fitness.pdf

8 My Club & its ok 2 ask for help.pdf

9 My Club & Bullying.pdf

10 My Club & Resilience.pdf

11 My Club & Digital Resilience.pdf

12 My Club and Nutrition.pdf

13 My Club & Exercise.pdf

14 My Club & mental Health Policy.pdf


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