The following links are to organisations that do a great job in promoting positive mental health and raise awareness and those groups that use the power of sport.  

Knowledge is power and there is nothing better than seeing great work others do and using these examples to get something going at your club.

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   Lighthouse charity have been instrumental in supporting the development of TAMHI and are a great charity that promote suicide awareness and prevention.   Lighthouse web
   FAD FC were set up in August 2012 as an internet based information website.  Providing Professional Footballers, Managers, Coaches, Referees and any other person involved in Football with  information on Mental Health. This information is not to diagnose a Mental Illness but to help spot the signs of it,  how it can be treated and so on. 

As part of FAD FC, we have provided some true stories to help you understand that you are not alone, the stories are also provided to give you an understanding of how and why Mental Health Awareness is so important within Football. Sadly, so many lives have already been lost through suicide and this is the main aim of FAD FC, to stop any more suicides from happening. You can find out more on the Aims for the future on the FAD FC's Aims page.

Since the set up of FAD FC, a lot has been learnt about the Football players who are at risk of suffering from a Mental Illness and FAD FC have taken on board everything they have learnt through talking to Football players and the surveys we have carried out. 

FAD FC are no longer just a web based information source, but are campaigning to make Mental Health First Aid training compulsory within the FA Level 1 Coaching Course syllabus. As Coaches are at the heart of the club, having regular contact with players, they are the most relevant person to be trained in Mental Health First Aid. However, until this has been made compulsory, FAD FC carry out lots of fund raising and rely on your donations which is used to pay for Football Coaches to take the 3 hour Mental Health First Aid Lite course.  However, anyone can take these courses. 

FAD FC operate a 24 hour support line for Football players, Coaches, Managers, Referees etc who wish to speak to someone outside of their club,  about their issues. You can also email FAD FC which usually replies within 12 hours of receiving your email. 
FAD FC are planning to create a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Football league here in South Yorkshire and have been in talks about setting up a Mental Health Football Academy. So please keep checking the website and links for updates.

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Football can be and is used as part of recovery from mental health issues or as part of ongoing therapy. Twitter @soccer_4_all tel 07905572126DescriptionWe believe that through football we can help change the lives of adults who are experiencing mental health issues.

We look to support existing initiatives as well as encourage and support new-start initiatives throughout the UK. Through the advertising / sharing of tournament information, training sessions and let's share best practice. 

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   The lead development agency for all sports in Northern Ireland.

Sport NI are committed to using the power of sport to promote positive mental health.

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   As part of a suite of their ever expanding suite of resources, the GAA Community & Health section has developed a Mental Health Charter, aimed at promoting positive mental health for all our members and the wider community in which we are situated.At the core of the charter is the R-E-S-P-E-C-T philosophy which stipulates that everyone will be treated with respect, and they will participate, enjoy and contribute to our Club without prejudice, discrimination or any other negative consequences for them or others.Posters promoting a club having adopted the Charter are currently being distributed to every club in Ireland, through the County Health & Wellbeing Committees. Posters are also available to download along with the charter itself - simply click the images below. Once downloaded, it's simply a matter of completing the Charter document, printing it off and formally adopting it at the next club executive meeting.  Mental Health Charter


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